Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Deerhoof - Offend Maggie

Sounds like Yoko Ono fronting a tonally perfect art rock band!!!

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1. The Tears and Music of Love
2. Chandelier Searchlight
3. Buck and Judy
4. Snoopy Waves
5. Offend Maggie
6. Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back
7. Don't Get Born
8. My Purple Past
9. Family of Others
10. Fresh Born
11. Eaguro Guro
12. This Is God Speaking
13. Numina o
14. Jagged Fruit

enjoy 3

Stock Dive Is Bookend Of Bush Economics

By: Sam Stein

The headline from the world of politics and economics today seems fairly self-evident: in the wake of the House of Representative's failure to pass a bailout package for Wall Street, the Dow dropped by the largest point margin in any single day in history.

But that number told only half the story. Indeed, much of what transpired on Wall Street and in the halls of politics put a bookend on what now seems to the final - poor - chapter of the Bush administration's economic record.

On Monday, the Dow finished lower than when George W. Bush assumed the presidency: 10,587.59 on January 19, 2001 compared to 10,365.45 at its close on September 29, 2008

NASDAQ, the American stock exchange, too, was lower now than it was when Bush took office: 2770.38 on January 19, 2001 compared to 1983.73 on September 29, 2008. The dollar exchange with the Euro was lower than when Bush was elected: 1.068 on January 19, 2001 compared to .695 on September 29, 2008.

Some things have risen, but not the good economic indicators. The Consumer Price Index was at 175 on January 19, 2001 and 219 by September 29, 2008. Unemployment, meanwhile, stood at 4.2 percent when Bush came into power. Today, it is at 6.1 percent.

"It's a striking phenomenon," said Robert Shapiro, undersecretary of commerce during the Clinton White House years. "The reckless negligence and mismanagement of the country's financial markets by the White House, the Treasury and the Fed over the last several years has now produced a crisis that has wiped out all of the increase in the market value of America's companies from five years of record corporate profits, strong productivity gains, and reasonable growth. Bush has now run the table on presidential failure."


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Bailout Plan: Welcome to Economic Shock and Awe

See if this sounds familiar:

There is a gathering threat to the safety of the United States. We must take immediate action. Congress must quickly grant the President and the Secretary what they want and also give them full and unfettered authority to execute the plan.

Welcome to Economic Shock and Awe (or as some have dubbed it, according to Paul Krugman, "the Authorization for Use of Financial Force").

Even the amount of taxpayer money being bandied about -- $1 trillion -- is similar. Think you got your money's worth for the Iraq war? Congratulations -- you're about to buy another pricey debacle.

We've seen how negligent the Bush administration is with our money -- flushing billions on wasteful, mismanaged Iraq reconstruction and Katrina recovery projects.

Now the same folks who brought us those no-bid, profit-guaranteed, crony-friendly, war-and-disaster-profiteering boondoggles want us to hand them control of a $700 billion Wall Street slush fund -- with no strings attached. How dumb -- or frightened -- do they think we are?

This is, as Matt Yglesias calls it, "a crisis point for American liberalism." The battle lines are already clear: Paulson and Bush and the Republican Party want a license to reward the worst actors in the financial industry and do nothing for American families suffering the consequences.

Remember a few years ago when lawmaker after lawmaker -- mostly Democrats, but a few Republicans -- said of Iraq, "If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have voted differently."

Well, this time at least some lawmakers -- mostly Democrats, but a few Republicans -- are not being so easily bamboozled. Congressional Democrats, led by Chris Dodd in the Senate and Barney Frank in the House, have put forth proposals doing away with the Paulson's demand for unprecedented authoritarian power and adding a requirement that the government do more to help troubled borrowers refinance their mortgages.

The Treasury appears willing to bend on those elements but sticking points remain, including efforts to limit the pay of executives and Dodd's proposal that taxpayers get a share of the profits if the bad debt being bought rises in value.

Let's hope Democratic resolve holds up against the inevitable charges by the Bush administration that demands for oversight, limits on executive compensation, profit sharing for taxpayers, and aid for struggling homeowners will lead to an economic Armageddon.

There is no question that the need to address this crisis is urgent and that the issues involved are complex. But urgency and complexity cannot be allowed to become excuses for lawmakers, the media, and the public to throw up their hands and allow themselves to be bull-rushed into disastrous public policy.

Over the past 30 years, Americans have been bombarded with sermons evangelizing for the free market religion of the Right, and the supposed correlation between unregulated markets and progress. In the process, the American people have been demoted from citizens to consumers, and sold a bill of goods (rather than a Bill of Rights) about how the almighty market was the essential foundation of democracy.

In the course of selling us on buying, the market-worshippers shredded the modern social contract, the hard-fought consensus that had emerged since the New Deal, which ordered our political priorities, and expressed both our communal concern for the most vulnerable members of society and our disapproval of huge inequalities. We were now supposed to believe that all could be left up to the soulless, self-correcting calculus of supply and demand. Government involvement was an anachronism, regulatory oversight an impediment.

The last few weeks have demolished that notion. In the battle over the proper role of government, the forces of the Right, the high priests of the church of the Free Market -- including Bush, Paulson, and the Masters of Wall Street -- have suffered a monumental defeat. So why are we allowing them to dictate the terms of their surrender?

Monday, September 15, 2008

RIP Rick Wright

Richard William Wright (July 28, 1943 - September 15, 2008) was a self-taught pianist and keyboardist best known for his long career with Pink Floyd. Though not as prolific a songwriter as his bandmates Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and David Gilmour, he did write significant parts of the music for classic albums like Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, as well as for Pink Floyd's final studio album The Division Bell. Wright’s richly textured keyboard layers have been a vital ingredient and a distinctive characteristic of Pink Floyd's sound. In addition, Wright frequently sang background and occasionally lead vocals onstage and in the studio with Pink Floyd (most notably on the songs "Time," "Echoes," and on the Syd Barrett composition "Astronomy Domine").

On 15 September 2008, it was reported that Wright had died following a battle with cancer.

from wikipedia

what a sad day for the world


John McCain's Allegiance

By: R.O. Blechman


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Animal Collective - Water Curses [SINGLE] [EP]


1. Water Curses
2. Street Flash
3. Cobwebs
4. Seal Eyeing


Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing

noise stuff

click cover to download

1. Sweet Love for Planet Earth
2. Ribs Out
3. Okay, Let's Talk About Magic
4. Race You to My Bedroom/Spirit Rise
5. Bright Tomorrow
6. Colours Move


El Guincho - Alegranza

"El Guincho is Pablo Diaz-Reixa, born in Spain. This release is a mix of afro-beat percussion, calypso harmonies, psych tropicalia, world music samplers, doo wop, trance repetition, underwater pop, steel drums, and island feeling plus club oriented song structures, uptempo beats, and exotica production." AMAZON

click cover to download

1. Palmitos Park
2. Antillas
3. Fata Morgana
4. Kalise
5. Cuando Maavilla Fui
6. Buenos Matrimonios Ahi Fuera
7. Costa Paraiso
8. Prez Lagarto
9. Polca Mazurca

a really fun record

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Election is Not a Soap Opera or a Football Game: It is About the Future of Our Country

By: Sen. Bernie Sanders

The corporate media would have us believe, based on their coverage, that the most important issues in this presidential campaign are political tactics and the "character" of the four candidates. But what is at stake right now is not primarily the life stories of Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden or Sarah Palin. An election is not a soap opera which deals with the trials and tribulations of the candidates and their family members. Election coverage must not descend into becoming a pre-game football show, one which deals only with "who's going to win" polling data and never-ending tactical discussions of "what the candidate must do" to win this or that state.

In a democracy, elections are not beauty pageants or reality shows, or soap operas for political junkies. Elections are the real business of democracy, and they should be about real things.

Without sounding too corny, what this election is about is the well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans and about what kind of country we will be leaving to our kids and grandchildren. And, at a time of global warming and severe environmental problems, this campaign is also about whether our planet survives in a condition that can sustain human life in the decades and centuries to come.

Given all that is at stake, as American citizens we must demand that the media not continue to trivialize our democratic process, dumb down coverage and, in the process, deflect attention away from the most important issues impacting our lives. This election must, first and foremost, be about the needs of the American people. As Vermont's senator and the longest-serving Independent in American congressional history, let me lay out what I believe some of those issues are:

In the United States today, the middle-class is shrinking, poverty is increasing and the gap between the very rich and everyone else is growing wider. There are many economists who believe that, if we do not reverse course, for the first time in modern history our children will have a lower standard of living than their parents. Our country also has the dubious distinctions of having both the highest rate of childhood poverty in the industrialized world and more people in jail than any other country. Question: What specific ideas do the candidates have as to how we can grow the middle class and create good paying jobs, while protecting our children and the most vulnerable members of our society?

In the United States today, 46 million Americans have no health insurance, even more are underinsured, and we are the only major country on earth without universal coverage. Health care costs are soaring despite the fact that we already spend twice as much per person as any other country. Many employers, large and small, are now cutting back on the coverage they provide their employees making a tough economy even tougher for millions of workers. Question: Do the candidates believe that all Americans are entitled to health care as a right of citizenship? What are their plans for assuring that quality health care is delivered in a cost-effective manner?

Most of the leading scientists in the world believe that global warming, if not reversed, will lead to severe weather disturbances, flooding, drought, hunger, and mass human migration. These scientists also believe that global warming is a more threatening problem than previously perceived, and that bold action is needed to reverse greenhouse gas emissions. Question: Do the candidates believe that global warming is real and a man-made phenomenon? If so, what specific actions are they proposing to reverse global warming? On a related energy issue, what ideas do they have to make our country energy independent?

The United States is now in the sixth year of the war in Iraq, the Taliban is gaining military strength in Afghanistan, the political situation in Pakistan is becoming more unstable, Russia and Georgia have just completed a bloody war, and little progress has been made in easing tensions between Israel and her neighbors. Question: What are the principles that will guide the candidates' foreign policy? What specific steps will they take to combat international terrorism? How will they restore America's position in the international community and help create a more peaceful world?

These are just a few of the major issues facing our nation. I realize there are many more. It seems to me that no matter what our political views are, or what we may consider the most important issues to be, as a democratic society we must demand of the media and the candidates that this campaign focus on the great challenges facing our country and the world. Gossip, melodrama and political tactics just won't do.


Monday, September 8, 2008

8 Questions for Palin -- If You Really "Work For Me," Then Interview for the Job

By: Michael Seitzman

The McCain campaign has now said publicly that they don't think Sarah Palin should have to answer any questions from the media. Since a free press is the only way the People can ask the questions we have a right to know, maybe the media should stop granting access to McCain "spokesmen" until their candidate for Vice President of The United States answers some questions. There are legitimate questions to be asked and, as one of The People, I'd like to start with the following:

1 - Did you really ban books from that library up there? Did you fire a librarian over it? Can you tell us your feelings about censorship in a democracy?

2 - Did you really tell the secessionist group in Alaska that they were doing great work? This same group whose leader said in an interview that, "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government?"

3 - Did you abuse the governor's office by trying to get your brother-in-law fired from the state police?

4 - Exactly what is it about Alaska's "proximity to Russia" that qualifies as "foreign policy experience?"

5 - When Campbell Brown on CNN asked McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds to name one decision that you made concerning the Alaska National Guard that qualifies you for the office you seek, why is that considered "over the line?" Do the People no longer have the right to know the candidates' qualifications before electing them to office?

6 - When you say that the Iraq war is a mission from God, what exactly do you mean? And which God are we talking about? Exactly how far does that God want us to go? When does God think we should withdraw? What does God think about the war in Afghanistan? Russia? China? Does God have any thoughts on the housing crisis?

7 - When you said in your acceptance speech that, "Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America ... he's [Obama's] worried that someone won't read them their rights," are you suggesting that we should suspend the use of Miranda Rights for anyone deemed by the government to be a terrorist? What legal process would deem an arrested individual a "terrorist?" What other basic rights do you feel should be abolished in the "War on Terror?"

8 - What are your thoughts about the separation of church and state? When you say you want to teach "creationism" in schools, what other elements of Christianity should be taught in schools? In order to design that curriculum, would priests have to be put on our school boards? Should any other religions be taught in school? Judaism? Islam? Buddhism? Or do the children growing up in those households not have the same rights as the ones growing up in yours? Should Christianity also be incorporated into the offices of government?

Readers, if you have any more questions you'd like to be answered, please post them in the comments. You are The People, you have a right to know. Anyone that tells you that you don't have a right to know should clarify exactly what they mean by the freedom they will defend with their very last breath.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

TV on the Radio - Dear Science


1. Halfway Home
2. Crying
3. Dancing Choose
4. Stork & Owl
5. Golden Age
6. Family Tree
7. Red Dress
8. Love Dog
9. Shout Me Out
10. DLZ
11. Lover's Day


Thursday, September 4, 2008

benoit pioulard - temper

This has gotten a ton of plays around the house the last week or so.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Drippers

This just leaked!!! Yeah its a little hit and miss but still worth downloading.

click cover to download

1. Zodiac Girls (Pony Version of 7" Single)
2. I Saw Brown (Pre-BMSR from 1999)
3. Black Yogurt (with Mike Watt)
4. Milk Skates
5. Happy Melted City
6. One Day I Had An Extra Toe (Esopus Magazine Compilation)
7. We Are The Pagans (Dandelion Gum Outtake)
8. Changing You All
9. Just For The Night (by Laura Burhenn, BMSR Remix)

enjoy 3


Our friends over at my old kentucky blog posted this bonus ep.

"they(bmsr)are releasing a free .zip of their older, unreleased material called Bonus Drippers."

download link

(Bonus Drippers)


also from myoldkyblog

"Black Moth Super Rainbow will release their new Drippers EP this November. It will be available in 10" and CD formats. Big gift bonus? Both CD and vinyl will be scratch n' sniffable!" cool

8 Reasons Sarah Palin is More Qualified than Barack Obama

BY: Seth Grahame-Smith

Sarah Palin (sp?) has ignited the presidential race and fired up the GOP -- as evidenced by three women at the RNC who took the time to print the words "We," "Love," and "Sarah" on pieces of paper and tape them to the backs of their t-shirts. Sarah's even won the backing of the level-headed Rep. Michele Bachmann (R- MN) -- not exactly known for toeing the party line. Clearly, the liberal left realizes that it can't match this kind of unbridled enthusiasm for its candidate. So what are they doing? Attacking her character. Questioning her qualifications. Imagine a political group attacking an opponent because it can't win on the issues or the record. It's disgusting.

So let's set the record straight. Sarah Pahlen (sp?) is not only more qualified for the Oval Office than Barack Obama -- she might just be the most qualified political candidate in our nation's history:

1. Putting Country First - Her membership in the Alaska Independence Party proves that she's exactly the kind of leader America needs: the kind that will always put country first -- even if that country happens to be The Republic of Alaska. Obama claims he loves America -- but has he ever loved it enough to favor seceding from it? It's called tough love, Senator. Look into it.

2. Independence - Sarah hates indicted Senator Ted Stevens, but raised money for him. She hates the "bridge to nowhere," but supported it. She wants to shatter Hillary's glass ceiling, but wears t-shirts touting the size of her boobs. We're dealing with an innovative politician; one who refuses to be categorized. Obama may call himself the candidate of "change," but Sarah Pailen's (sp?) entire political life has been about saying one thing, and then doing another. Now that's "change we can believe in."

3. Family Values - This is someone who's not afraid to preach abstinence for your daughter, even though her own unmarried 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. This is someone who's not afraid to hop on a plane from Texas to Alaska while she's in premature labor. This is someone who's not afraid to hit the campaign trail with a 5-month-old special needs baby. That's what I call dedication to family. Obama, on the other hand? A Muslim.

4. Intellect - Yes, Sarah recently admitted that she didn't know exactly what it was the Vice President did. Yes, she wants creationism taught in public schools. Yes, she doesn't believe global warming is manmade. But I'd like to point out the fact that she wears glasses -- and that's not something dumb people generally do. Obama? No glasses.

5. Military Affairs - As Governor, Pollen (sp?) is authorized to deploy Alaska's National Guard in times of emergency. And while the Guard's Adjunct General admits that she plays no role in national defense, and isn't briefed on military exercises, the fact is -- she's been photographed holding a machine gun, while Obama has yet to wield so much as a .38 for the cameras. When it comes to keeping me safe, that's all I need to know.

6. Foreign Affairs - While Obama likes to take Middle East tours, meet with Europe's leaders, and brag about his running mate being the foreign policy voice of the Senate, he can't hold a candle to Palenn's (sp?) understanding of today's complex, dangerous world. Yes, Sarah admitted that she hadn't paid much attention to the war in Iraq, but she knew enough to rightly call it a "task from God." Yes, she's only left North America once in her life, but her experience as a local sportscaster gave her the ability to follow events as they unfold at lightning speed. And as Cindy McCain pointed out, while Barack Obama was sipping lattes in Cambridge Square, Sarah Pinkston (sp?) was staring down the barrel of Putin's Kalashnikov -- a one woman wall keeping America safe from invasion.

7. Restoring America's Image - Who better than a former beauty queen to add some new luster to America's battered image? Paylen (sp?) will take a proverbial can of Aqua Net to our nation's unruly hair, and apply liberal (no pun intended) amounts of blush to Lady Liberty's cheekbones. In a word, she'll dazzle the world with her charm and style. Even the most anti-Western extremists will melt when they see the People and Vanity Fair spreads of Sarah warming her fur-lined extremities over burning science textbooks. And how would Obama restore our leadership in the world? The question we should be asking is: why does he only have two children, while Sarah has at least twice that number? What does Senator Obama have against America's children?

8. Her Soul - In one 15-minute meeting, and one follow-up phone call, John McCain was able to determine that Sarah was more than his running mate -- she was his "soul mate." Not only that, but that she was more qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office than any Republican on earth. Yes, this is a testament to the power and quickness of McCain's decision making. But it's also a testament to the power of Sarah Payton's (sp?) soul. As a Muslim, it's not even clear that Obama has a soul.

So is Sarah Pillston (sp?) qualified to be Vice President? To be one bad biopsy away from being the most powerful human being on earth? To lead America back to prominence and prosperity, while keeping us safe from a world of ever-changing threats?

In her own words: "Yup...yup."


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Abe Vigoda - Skeleton

click cover to download

1. Dead City / Waste Wilderness
2. Bear Face
3. Lantern Lights
4. Whatever Forever
5. Animal Ghosts
6. Cranes
7. Live-Long
8. The Garden
9. Hyacinth Grrls
10. World Heart
11. Gates
12. Visi Rings
13. Endless Sleeper
14. Skeleton

enjoy 3

Republicans Should Have Been Careful What They Prayed For

By: Monroe Anderson

Republicans were performing a rain dance this time last week hoping and praying that a thunderstorm might wash out Barack Obama's parade. Had the skies opened up on Thursday night during the Democrat presidential nominee's acceptance speech, the record crowd for the historic event would not have been. The record television audience of 40 million -- larger than the one in America that watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics -- would have been much smaller and rather than hear reporters and pundits talk about how spectacular the week was, the TV audience would have heard commentary about how a risky gambit didn't pay off.

As it turns out, the gods smiled on the party gathering in Denver. All was well and ended well.

Not so in the Twin Cities where John McCain had already stolen Obama's media thunder by naming an unknown, unqualified candidate to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, should Americans be foolish enough to elect him president. A thousand miles away, a gathering storm was upstaging the political staging so carefully planned for the John McCain-Sarah Palin Republican duo.

In the twisted-thinking tradition of the far right TV preachers, I believe God was cursing the GOP for sins committed by its president, George W. Bush a mere three years ago. Despite the televised pleas for help, Bush thought it was more important to complete his vacation in Crawford rather than put his leather loafers on the ground in NOLA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

His inattention, coupled with his administration's incompetence, was then -- and is now -- a national disgrace.

The Republicans are now paying for past failings. The wrath of Hurricane Gustav is forcing the grand old party in St. Paul, Minneapolis to be scaled down and cut back. McCain and Palin have made a beeline to Jackson, Mississippi where they can demonstrate their concern by being available for photo-ops.

This is being done, of course, all for the national good. Remembering his "Country First" message, McCain encouraged colleagues via video hookup to "take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats."

No surprise here. When you've got a musty old hat that's tattered and torn, putting on one that you've not worn in years is bound to make you feel better -- and look better, too.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

There are so many great albums from 2008 that I haven't posted on the blog. So this month I'm going to try to post an album a day and try to catch up. Here is a good stating point with one of the years best.

click cover to download

Fleet Foxes (2008)

1. Sun It Rises
2. White Winter Hymnal
3. Ragged Wood
4. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
5. Quiet Houses
6. He Doesn't Know Why
7. Heard Them Stirring
8. Your Protector
9. Meadowlarks
10. Blue Ridge Mountains
11. Oliver James

enjoy 3



“Wilco/Fleet Foxes - I Shall Be Released (Spokane)”

McCain's Disastrous Politics of Gustav

By: Moira Whelan

Today, Obama stated that he would stay out of the way as Hurricane Gustav once again threatens the Gulf Coast. Even Bush, who three years ago celebrated Katrina's landfall at John McCain's birthday party, is staying away.

What does McCain do? Just like he did when he traveled to a market place in Baghdad, he puts the lives of Americans in danger, and diverts the mission for his own personal political gain. He will travel to the Gulf Coast to give a speech while emergency professionals are urging people to leave. Not only is it political grandstanding, it's a disgusting display of the type of bad leadership we would see if John McCain became President.

Preparedness for hurricanes is serious business. When it's done right, emergency managers control the airwaves, the message, and urge political leaders to stay out of the way so they can make sure people and property are safe. Senators and Congressmen are briefed, but told to stay out of the way and wait until they find out what resources are needed, and then make it happen. The governor takes cues from the Emergency Management director of the state: brief people to get out, show leadership, be honest, and make the calls for resources that need to be made. The President turns the keys to government over to the FEMA director to make sure resources flow properly and stands by to twist arms if needed. The business of disasters is left to disaster professionals with politicians playing a supporting role.

Now admittedly, we haven't seen that in recent years, but when government works for people, this is how it happens.

But not in 2008, and not when John McCain is sucking wind on a political campaign.

Now, some Americans will see McCain's trip as "leadership" but just as John McCain's visit to a marketplace in Baghdad resulted in three Blackhawk helicopters and hundreds of soldiers being ordered to protect his photo op stroll through the market, this could be deadly.

It's a complete disregard for the mission and the government professionals at all levels attempting to keep people safe.

John McCain's mere suggestion that he should go there shows his horrific and dangerous judgment. If it actually happens, which hopefully it does not, then he will actually be doing harm. Because he is a presidential candidate, air traffic stops when he lands, roads are closed, and press follow him. Secret service and law enforcement personnel have to make sure everything is secure. That means all of these things STOP WORKING to make the area safer for the people getting out and protecting their homes. The only thing working in the favor of emergency management professionals are the noticeably small crowds at McCain events...so perhaps people will not be motivated to stay around.

These are the very reasons Obama and Biden dismissed the suggestion of travel immediately when asked. He's talked to Jindal--a man on McCain's short list for veep--and has expressed help. Trips of politicians often happen after major storms, but when doing these, the main goal is to highlight the devastation in order to secure the resources needed to fix it. It appears these gentlemen get it, and McCain is out of touch in a truly dangerous way.

McCain's suggestion of a visit will waste precious hours in getting resources in at a time when hours and minutes make all the difference. It will impact news coverage which should otherwise be used to urge people to get out through the proper channels, not political parties.

The Republican suggestion that they may postpone their convention is understandable in some ways. This is, after all, a major emergency. I do think there are many who see this as a political opportunity to not have an embarrassing show that follows one that was amazing the Democrats had this week. They've floated the idea of a telethon to raise money. Political grandstanding? Sure, but at least it could do some good and you're not in the way.

But a visit? Senator McCain, that would be a disaster for the country. Your truly reckless act would show once and for all that you actually would be worse than President Bush.