Sunday, December 9, 2007

15-11 Best Albums of 2007

15. Peter and the Wolf - The Ivori Palms (September 2007) & Fireflies(ep) (2007)

The Ivori Palms:


well i couldn't find video from ivori palms or fireflies but this is from one of top five from 2006 the lightness

14. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum (May 22, 2007)

13. Battles - Mirrored (March 2007)

12. Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (February 20, 2007)

11. Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (December 4, 2007)

daft punk wins my award for comeback of the year. watch how crazy the lights are and how everyone losses their freak'n mind. there are tons of cool videos on youtube check them out.

this is the first song from the album.

the video for HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER (Alive 2007)


Kevin said...

I saw Black Moth Super Rainbow as the opening act for Aesop Rock. They were a pretty cool band to see live, and of course Aesop ripped it up. Check out my list at and please let me know what you think of it.

Cheers, Kevin

Mike said...

Hi 3and4,

Really enjoyed your top albums of 2007 list. Thanks for turning me onto some great records that might have passed me by had I not come across your page.

How's the list for 2008 shaping up? I have a contender for you anyway. Dieter Schöön's album Lablaza. It's being given a wider release this year outside of Sweden which is where Dieter is from. I am totally overwhelmed by it and thought you might enjoy it too.

Here's the link to his myspace:

Let me know if you want an online copy of the album.

All the best, Mikey

Julianne said...

I totally agree with Daft Punk's Alive album. I wish I had been there to see the 2 robot djs perform their sets live. Everytime I see a video from their tour, a little piece of me dies because I envy the people that were there.

How's 2008 music? Of Montreal recently released a new album and I'm lovin it. Also, Ratatat's LP3.

Have you checked out They have a feature called Lists where you can make a top5 list of favorite songs, albums, or artists. It’s a pretty neat feature. You could even add commentary to other people’s lists if you agree or disagree with them. Right now, is running a contest where you can win $50 dollars each day this week if you play either their Songblitz and Jamsmatch. Give it a try here,, maybe you’ll be $50 richer!

- Julianne

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